Fiona Crawford, PhD

President and CEO, Roskamp Institute; VA Research Career Scientist, James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital; CTO, Archer Pharmaceuticals; CEO, SRQ Bio; Director, Roskamp Institute Ph.D. Program.

Educational Background: B.S. Honors in Biochemistry and Genetics, Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Ph.D. in Medical Genetics, University of London, England.

Research Background: Dr. Crawford’s Ph.D. research was carried out in London as a member of the team that identified the first genetic causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Relocating to Florida in 1992 she discovered the “Swedish” mutation, which has been used in innumerable laboratory models of Alzheimer’s world-wide. She co- founded the Roskamp Institute, which became a stand-alone research Institute in Sarasota in 2003 and is now home to a staff of more than 60 scientists, clinicians, graduate students and research assistants. In her quest for therapeutic targets for neurodegenerative and neurological diseases she has also developed and characterized laboratory models for Traumatic Brain Injury, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Gulf War Illness. She is a VA Research Career Scientist and is President and CEO of the Roskamp Institute. The successful Roskamp Drug Discovery program has resulted in development of a novel Alzheimer’s drug which is currently being evaluated in a Phase III clinical trial in Europe. Dr. Crawford’s research programs are funded by the Veterans’ Administration, the Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health, as well as the Roskamp Foundation. She regularly presents her research at national and international meetings, and has published more than 140 peer reviewed research papers.