Robert Streit


Robert is native of northern Iowa and was raised on a crop and livestock farm. He graduated from Iowa State Univ. with degrees in the Ag Sciences. Robert worked four years with the country’s largest crop consulting firm before moving into twenty years of agronomy advising with two major seed firms. After several mergers he moved back into private Ag consulting working with individual farmers in the Midwest and as an advisor to several technology and biological companies across the globe. Robert began his international work after being selected to work on the USDA rust task force. This led him to projects in several South American and European countries, as well as to China and Russia. During those projects he has toured and visited with scientific staffs of several major Ag input companies.

In the past eight years besides managing his two jobs he has been involved in working with and helping to educate audiences and individuals on the correlation between healthy soils and the production of healthy food and how it relates to good human health. This has involved projects on soil remediation, making biological assessments of growing environments, developing systems to clean up food and water supplies, and trialing products used to clean up systems and bodies. Part of this information is relayed thru his weekly Ag column and press articles.

Robert and Carol have six kids with most having graduated with their BS and graduate degrees.