EHS 2019

About this Year's Conference


Endocrine Disruption: The Solution


The Environmental Health Symposium (EHS) 2019 will provide an opportunity for doctors to interact with expert researchers and clinicians who have successfully treated and found solutions for one of the most pressing problems in healthcare today: Endocrine Disruption.

This conference will address:

  • Understanding laboratory testing, testing protocols, and identifying the most egregious chemicals linked to common health concerns

  • How to find and assess toxic exposure

  • Choosing and implementing strategies for best treatment outcomes

Endocrine pollutants disrupt ALL hormones in the body including the ability to conceive and carry a healthy child to term. One third of pregnant women in America will not complete their pregnancies and of those that do, 12% of them will deliver pre-term.

Infertility in men is a problem as well. Levels of testosterone in men have been dropping over the last few decades. It is now common to find men in their twenties and thirties with low testosterone levels diagnosed with clinical hypogonadism. Several common airborne and personal care product toxicants are strongly associated with low testosterone levels in both men and women.  In addition, these ubiquitous pollutants have also been strongly linked to thyroid dysfunction, obesity, and blood sugar dysregulation including both T1DM and T2DM.

In short, all of the major endocrine “diseases” are clearly linked to everyday pollution and chemical exposure.

The challenge for clinicians in addressing these agents and their role in endocrine disruption is complex.  How do we begin to solve the problems that are epidemic (obesity and diabetes), life-threatening to a majority of our population (cardiometabolic disease  and reproductive cancer) and impact our ability to continue as a species (infertility)?

“Endocrine Disruption: The Solution”  will begin to solve these issues, with science and innovation, clinical data and epidemiologic research.

Environmental Health Symposium is paving the way for a healthcare system and education that can address these crucial needs.

Come to EHS and join the growing community of healthcare providers committed to offering answers to the increasing number of patients with conditions related to toxic environmental exposures.