EHS 2019

About this Year's Conference


Endocrine Disruption: The Solution


Environmental Health Symposium is the premier Environmental Medicine conference dedicated to addressing issues on environmental exposures that directly affect the health and vitality of our current population. The annual Environmental Health Symposium Conference provides physicians with an extraordinary opportunity to learn from internationally recognized experts and clinicians in Environmental Medicine. Speakers present emerging research and up-to-date protocols that empower physicians to maximize successful patient outcomes.

Established experts in the field of Environmental Medicine will provide clinical guidance on assessing endocrine disruption. This conference is designed to provide strategies to reverse and prevent the conditions that are threatening the viability and vitality of this and future generations.

Endocrine disruption is a challenging subject.  Most clinicians are aware that chemical toxicant exposure is related to a wide spectrum of health conditions: diabetes, heart disease, obesity, thyroid disease, fertility, testosterone levels in both young and old men, and specific reproductive cancers.

However, the  challenge for clinicians in addressing these agents and their role in endocrine disruption is complex. What chemicals to test for, how to assess exposure, and what strategies for treatment will have an effect on defining questions that this conference will strive to answer.

EHS 2019 will provide a community where both expert researchers and clinicians can come together to face one of the most pressing problems in healthcare  today. How do we begin to solve the problems that are epidemic (obesity and diabetes), life-threatening to a majority of our population (cardiometabolic disease  and reproductive cancer) and threaten our ability to continue as a species (infertility)?

Endocrine Disruption- The Solution will begin to solve these issues, with science and innovation and with clinical data and epidemiologic research. EHS is paving the way to a healthcare system that can address these crucial needs.