Who Exhibits?

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Who Attends?

EHS has gained international recognition welcoming attendees from more than 7 international countries. Practitioners who attend EHS are primarily physicians (MDs, NDs, DOs CCNs) interested in environmental med- icine, functional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and integrative practitioners wanting additional education in the Environmental Medicine arena.

Other healthcare providers attending the conference include PAs, NPs, DCs, RNs, LAc’s, DDS, RDs, nutrition- ists, and students. We have formed alliances with several teaching facilities offering students a work study program and volunteer opportunity.

The 2016 EHS conference focusing on Mycotoxins, Pesticides, and Genetically Engineered foods held in San Diego, CA had a total of 400 paid attendees for a 4 day conference including the Sunday Public Forum which drew an additional 400 attendees from surrounding communities.

The 2017 EHS conference on NeuroIn ammation, also in San Diego, CA, drew a total of 300+ attendees, with primary attendance at 40% MDs and 60% NDs.

Why Join Us?


EHS has grown steadily over the last 6 years and has gained recognition across the US and internationally as the leader in Environmental Medicine education. We are anticipating more than 300 highly informed and engaged medical and health professionals. This includes experts from around the world who make Environmental Medicine recommendations as part of their clinical practice.

Compared with other conferences of this caliber, EHS has an intimate exhibitor area with a limited number of exhibitor space. There is always high attendee circulation and great exposure, along with ample opportunities for in-depth conversations with conference attendees and faculty.